Michael Sloane Audio EngineerSince graduating from Boston University in 2017, Michael has worked in multiple roles in music production & engineering. For nearly 10 years, Michael has mixed, mastered, produced, and performed music. His specialty musical genres to mix and master have been Rock, Hip-Hop, Trap, EDM, Drill, House, Orchestral Cinematic and Pop Music. As a freelance film and commercial composer he has gained experience in music composition and engineering working on various media projects including films and more recently a commercial.

Michael has successfully completed and delivered complex audio engineering projects to bands, producers and musicians. He keeps up with the newest audio technology and has experience with Dolby Atmos mixing and Binaural mixing.

Michael has experience performing as a session drummer with 15 years of experience behind the drum set.

He most recently worked at Republic Records where he gained experience on a major label level by working on projects as an engineer and growing with the help of industry veterans. Michael is always looking to take on new artists projects and assist in bringing them to the next level. He currently works as Recording Engineer at Natcave Studio in Brooklyn NY.

By utilizing cutting-edge tools and techniques, Michael is dedicated to elevating your audio experience to new heights, ensuring that your music and soundscapes captivate and resonate with listeners.