Professional Mixing & Mastering Services

Michael Sloane is an experienced sound engineer, specializing in professional audio mixing and mastering. With nearly 10 years of experience in music composition, engineering and production, he has successfully completed and delivered complex audio engineering projects to bands, producers and musicians. Michael also has extensive experience with new audio technology such as Dolby Atmos mixing and Binaural mixing.

Mixing and mastering services are performed and completed remotely, working closely with clients. Finished products are delivered on time, every time. Contact Michael today to learn more or click the link below to schedule a session.

Audio Engineering Services

Specializing in Mixing & Mastering Services and Production for Rock, Hip Hop, Trap, EDM, Drill, House, Orchestral Cinematic and Pop Music.

Recent Work

He most recently worked at Republic Records where he gained experience on a major label level by working on projects as an engineer and growing with the help of industry veterans. Michael is always looking to take on new artists projects and assist in bringing them to the next level. He currently works as Recording Engineer at Natcave Studio in Brooklyn NY.

Oso Rose-Down cover art

Down - Oso Rose

Co-mixed by Michael Kenner Sr and Michael Sloane. Mastered by Michael Sloane.

Mkloaded - Unreleased track

Michael Sloane mixing & mastering Mkloaded’s Unreleased track at 23 Studios NYC. Co-mixed by Michael Kenner Sr.